Aug 17

From one of the founders...


For those who don't recognize my name, I was the head of one of the founding clubs (Hillel's Angels) and the JMA's 1st president. It's been forever since I checked in on the JMA and saw this great website along with many names that I recall. I had a great conversation with Bob Cohen the other day and I am very impressed in the direction the JMA has taken over the years, and in its continuing fulfillment of that which was envisioned when the JMA came into being. Kudos to those over the years that have made the JMA into what it is today and why it will become even better in the future given the devotion of its management and the clubs who support it

Aug 20

How nice to hear from you.

Likewise. I see that you are VERY much involved (as before), and per Bob, essentially in charge of the R2Rs.

Melvyn, how about joining the “new and improved” JMA, 2019 version? We’d love to have you on board!

Has something changed? I thought only clubs can "join." I sold my bike about 5 years ago, not due to any health or other issues, but because I didn't enjoy riding in So. Florida. Flat and straight roads, and a lot of city to get through just to get to something that approximated a country road (though still flat and straight!). I didn't want to take a week to go to GA or TN to gget some decent riding. Even when I was riding, after the dissolution of Six Point Riders, where I was the JMA rep and involved, I lost all contact except for occasionally checking out the old website and Yahoo group. It was only a nagging curiosity that got me to check the new website and contact Bob Cohen. Back to your comment; how do I get "on Board?" I don't ride any longer and have no involvement with the clubs down here.

Oh yeah, forgot to say that it is hotter than hell in the summer time. The sun beating down on you and the engine heat roasting you from the bottom. I can recall turning the engine off at traffic lights just to stop the engine heat. (Some of our lights can be 2 minutes in duration.) Anyone who says that living in FL is great because you can ride all year doesn't live here. I say that with all due respect to the So. FL clubs and their members; that is just my experience.

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