Jan 20

How to Safely Sneeze While Riding


For years, I have yet to develop a technique to address sneezing while riding 70 mph on the highway on my motorcycle. OK, so I feel the sneeze coming on (which usually comes in sets of three), and I know exactly what is going to happen. As I prepare to launch the sneeze, my eyes close automatically, and my entire body jerks just for a moment. During that moment, I am totally unaware of my surroundings.


This can't be a safe event while riding a motorcycle. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to sneeze safely while riding a motorcycle?

1) Wear a modular helmet so you can flip up the chinbar/faceshield before spraying the inside of your helmet.

2) Brake as needed to maintain an "assured clear distance" from the vehicle ahead.

3) Pray (quickly).

To Bruce's comments, I would add, as you feel the sneeze approaching, try to open one eye as widely as you can, to minimize the precious time they would both otherwise be closed. If you suffer from (seasonal) allergies, take an antihistamine (or whatever you normally do) to minimize sneezing too.

Jan 20

A MSF instructor friend says,

" Throw your visor open and let it rip. Or, slobber all over the inside of your visor because it will dry quickly with the wind if you raise it."

Step1:: Open visor

There are no other steps

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