Oct 19, 2018

Winterization of your motorcycle

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As the year comes to a close and temperature drops, we in the northern climes must put our bikes away for the long, cold winter. Here are a few tips on what to do to keep your bike in top shape: Change the oil & filter first (rather than keep the shmutzik oil and particles in your bike, over the winter), fill the gas tank (even though I only use regular, I'll put in 92 octane because it will lose some power and importantly 'fuel stabilizer' which minimizes the loss of fuel quality over the long period). You should add the stabilizer with your last fill up, run the engine for ten minutes before shutting down, for the season. You want the tank full, so there's less air inside (which causes oxidation -- rust).

The bike should be cleaned before being covered. Any insect splatter or bird poop (acid) destroys the paint. Once clean, apply a coat of wax, then cover.

If you have a center stand, use it. Place a couple of pieces of styrofoam between the tires and the concrete. Ensure they are properly inflated as air will leak out during the winter. Ride only with the proper air pressure for maximum tire longevity (and safety). Check the pressure, at least, weekly. Lastly, either remove the battery or connect a battery tender to it (an automatic charger) so that months later, your baby will start like new!

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