Detroit to Maine Meet & Greet Caravan - July 30th - August 4th

The Chai Riders of Detroit are hosting the first ever Rolling Caravan Meet & Greet from Detroit to Maine.

The Chai Riders of Detroit Rolling Meet & Greet Caravan route is in place and all the Hotel group bookings for each day we are traveling in each city we are spending the night. NO HIGHWAYS (XWAYS), NO TOLLS, NO FERRIES.

We are traveling approx. 220 to 270 miles a day to arrive in Maine in 4 ½ days, 2 ½ days in Maine, and 3 days to get home, this is all based on the longest group that has to travel the furthest. The average cost per person is approximate, depending on room selection, $470 for all the hotels from the first hotel on Friday, July 30 to check out Aug 6 based on double occupancy. Meals and sightseeing (such as baseball Hall of Fame, etc.) are on your own.

We currently have 35 bikes registered representing 6 JMA clubs. We expect some to travel the entire route with others joining for a portion of the ride. Registration is still open and the hotels are still available for JMA members who want to join the caravan!

The schedule is available in this link. Sign up soon!

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