Jewish Motorcyclists Celebrate Shared Jewish Values*

This article was written by Avi Kuperberg, Ph.D

“You mean to say that there are motorcyclists who are Jewish? How can that be?” I am often asked that question because the traditional image of a motorcyclist is one of an outlaw, a bad guy with tattoos who belongs to a gang and terrorizes others. Jews are supposed to be people of the book. How can these different perceptions be reconciled? It may be that the stereotypical image of a motorcyclist may not always reflect the truth. Not only are there Jewish individuals who ride motorcycles, there are over three dozen clubs throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and Israel that belong to the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (JMA). The individuals who belong to these clubs all share the passion to ride motorcycles and share the bond of their faith. They are composed of Jewish doctors, lawyers, businessmen and individuals from all walks of life. This past weekend I was privileged to join them in Cleveland, Ohio, where over 300 attendees gathered for the annual “Ride to Remember” convention.

The Ride to Remember is an event like no other. Not only do Jewish bikers from all backgrounds and locations gather together to meet and greet each other,