Kosher Hogs - a new JMA Club

Written by Sam Abady, Kosher Hogs Motorcycle Club Representative

Kosher Hogs traces its origins to 1978 when Sam Abady was a first year student at Penn Law School and took an intensive extracurricular SCUBA course taught by a Drexel engineer named Bruce Blady. They became fast friends and Bruce introduced Sam to fellow engineers, Yuss Altomare and Marty Applebaum. The boys penetrated wrecks and hunted fish 60-100 feet down in the Atlantic and Carribean, and cruised the highways and byways of the eastern United States. Another Drexel engineer, Joe Dillon, joined the group, and last year, Bruce's childhood friend, an electrical engineer named Jon Becker, Marty's neighbor, Eric Constantine, and Bruce's neighbors, Dudi Ganz and Bruce Snyder, hopped on board, as did Sam's son, Aaron, and Israeli comrades Moti Rimer and Avi Nissani.

Bob Cohen met Sam and Bruce at the Cleveland R2R. Sam described his riding group and Bob urged him to formalize a club. Sam's daughter, Rachel, who has motorcycled throughout Southeast Asia, dubbed the group the Kosher HOGs (Hebrew Old Guys) and a new JMA club was born.

Its members are biblically inspired to ride motorcycles: “Thou liftest me up to the wind, Thou causest me to ride" [Job 30:22], and "in thy majesty prosper, ride on,” [Psalms 45:5], especially in the mountains, “I will make thee to ride upon the high places of the earth.” [Isaiah 58:14]. They have been riding together for years and thrilled to be part of the JMA as "many peoples with thee, all of them riding ….” [Ezekial 38:15].

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