Las Vegas Mecum Motorcycle Auction

This Article was written by JMA Member Ned Porges, Seattle Tribe MC Club

“You want to do what?!”
“Am going to ride my bike to Las Vegas and stop along the way to visit my brother in Modesto and daughter in Palo Alto.”
“No, you’re not; too far, possibly snow, and if you’re thinking of driving, you’re too old to go alone.”

And so, we flew Seattle to Las Vegas, stayed at the overwhelming Paris Hotel on the strip for a few days in sunshine, balmy temps. Months ago, I happened to watch a few television hours of the Mecum Collectible Vintage Auto Auctions from various cities. I was hooked. And when they announced an auction specifically for motorcycles and in Las Vegas, I had to go. (

The auction was held starting Thursday January 24, 2019 and ending on Saturday, four full days at a large convention casino hotel about seven miles from the Strip. Friday was my day at the auction and Phyllis’ day exploring the famed strip. I didn’t know wha