President's Letter

Bob Cohen, JMA President

For those of us north of the Mason Dixon Line and East of the Rockies in the USA, it is riding season again. For those of you in Australia, it is coming to the end of the riding season. And for everybody else with a twelve-month riding season, we envy you. For most of us, it seems like our calendars went right from 2019 to 2021. Where did 2020 go anyway? Well, 2020 was a year of planning for 2021. Who knew that we would reap the benefits of all that planning in 2021? That is the good news.

In the past year, I have had the opportunity to talk with many of our affiliated club members throughout the USA and Canada. Most of our affiliated clubs have once again continued local rides for the purposes of just enjoying the opportunity to spend time with each other for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—a typical Jewish pastime—the food is typical—not so typical is a Jewish Rider.

On a broader scale, we have begun to welcome Steve Goode into our city as he continues “the Great American Deli Schlep,” a 75-day, 48 state ride to some of the best delis across the USA. Steve will be raising contributions for Mazon, a Jewish Response to Hunger as well as promoting the JMA and its affiliated clubs. When he rides through your city, please stop and have a corn beef sandwich with him at your local deli.

Next event on our two-wheeled (sometimes three-wheeled) events is the Meet & Greet Caravan East. The Chai Riders of Detroit, as a follow-up to last year’s incredible Meet and Greet in Detroit, planned a first-ever Rolling Caravan Meet and Greet from Detroit to Maine. Please consider joining them as they take the back roads all the way from Detroit to Maine, picking up fellow JMA Club Members along the way. Join them for a day, or the entire ride. It should be an incredible event based upon our experience with the Chai Riders of Detroit Meet and Greet last year (more).

The 2021 R2R will be in Whitwell, Tennessee. This year’s R2R may be one of the most memorable R2Rs. We have been to Whitwell approximately twenty years ago, and now we are going to return. This event will be the last weekend in September of this year. Don’t miss this event. For more information go to the 2021 Ride 2 Remember website (more).

Our energy and enthusiasm continue to propel our JMA with creative and exciting rides for the balance or 2021. Club Meet and Greets continue to make our group rides more and more interesting. Please consider sponsoring an exciting and creative ride in your area this year and we will feature it in our mailings and in our JMA newsletter. Goodbye to 2020, a very strange year. Hello 2021 and years to come—riding together.

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