President's Letter

Bob Cohen, JMA President

As I move into my fifth year of my four-year term as President of our JMA (one year added due to COVID), I took a look at my platform from December, 2017 to see just how much we have accomplished — and I was astonished to realize just how many of the platform items from four years ago have been achieved at some level:

  • Encourage additional “Meet and Greets” directed by Club members, improving socialization between all JMA Club members

  • Heighten the feeling of “belonging” with improved communications directly to JMA Club members from the JMA.

  • Heighten communications with a quarterly newsletter and an enhanced JMA website.

  • Heighten the bonding between JMA Club members through unique motorcycles trips. One such trip was a JMA ride through Cuba, and a planned ride through Israel for the 75th anniversary of Israel in 2023.

  • Tapping into the tremendous wealth of talent within the JMA Clubs’ membership through effective leadership.

  • Expand our horizons looking not only to what the JMA has been, but also to what the JMA can become.

These past four years have been absolutely incredible with JMA Club members stepping up to provide some of the most exciting and educational new programming and events. This has been achieved with the support of the JMA Board members and the and active involvement of leadership within the JMA Clubs.

As we slowly and cautiously move past Covid-19, our Alliance of JMA Clubs with the JMA board have begun ramping up programming for the next three years with new and unique activities. Next year’s R2R venue will likely be San Diego, and there is talk about a future R2R in Milwaukee, with possible group events at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Planning for our trip to Israel in 2023 is already underway. As we leave Covid-19 behind us, no doubt JMA Clubs will continue to host Meet and Greet events, some of which may resemble an R2R in terms of planning, entertainment and fund raising.

On a somewhat sad note, for me, our JMA by-laws mandate that I must move on and turn the “Presidential Gavel” over to the next president. While it continues to be a great deal of work, it has been incredibly rewarding in many ways. Our Treasurer, Bruce Ente, is also completing his limit of two terms in office. David Rosenblatt, our Vice-President, and Jay Mandelker, our Secretary, will be completing their first terms in office. All the other committee chairs are finishing their second year of a three-year term. The election process begins in the last quarter of 2021 and those elected will take office at the R2R in 2022. I encourage any of our Club members who have an interest in running for any of the four JMA officer positions to step up and express your interest to me directly.

Due to forces beyond our control, this week’s Ride2Remember had to be cancelled, but the program will be live-streamed from Whitwell, Tennessee, on Friday, October 1, at 1:00 pm Eastern time. Please make a point to watch and enjoy this incredible event, a first for our JMA. Some of our Club members will be in Whitwell this weekend, and some of us will enjoy the program virtually. However, if you choose to participate, please consider contributing to this incredible Holocaust museum that has been created by the students and teachers in the town of Whitwell, Tennessee. You can donate by credit card via this link or by mailing a check to Bruce Ente, JMA Treasurer, 82 Pyle Road Oberlin, Ohio 44074. Thanks for your generosity!

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