Join the Shulboys and the NeoDesmo Club on July 1 for our 8th annual private twilight track event and school at Mid-Ohio Raceway. Ask anyone who has attended this event in the past - it is an unforgettable experience!!! Last year we had 15 riders and Mid-Ohio supplied 8 rider coaches so everyone had lots of great one-on-one training. THIS IS NOT A RACE SCHOOL but instead a learning experience to become a better, safer street rider while learning in a controlled environment (track).

You will learn proper techniques for braking, throttle control, lean angle, body position, lane position and more at speeds that replicate what you might experience on the street.

"Emphasis is on improving your skills on your own bike", says Steve Viny.

Any style of bike is welcome however it must pass tech inspection and you must wear protective clothing (full face helmet, leather or ballistic nylon suit that zips together, full finger gloves that cover the wrist, boots that cover the ankle. Some rental suits may be available.) YOU WILL LEAVE WITH IMPROVED SKILLS AND INCREASED SAFETY!

Cost is $170pp plus dinner and rider coach tip.

Space is extremely limited. Send an email to Steve Viny at if you are interested.

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