Shul Boys Riding During Pandemic

The Shul Boys have been enjoying riding during the pandemic. The weather in Cleveland has been spectacular this riding season! The Shul Boys members have taken advantage of the great riding weather to get out and do what many of us enjoy most - riding and eating dinner together(outside of course!)! Many new members joined the Shul Boys in the past few years and they were out riding in high numbers this season. We also had more ride captains leading rides than previous seasons.

The first official ride of the season was May 12th from Cleveland to Akron led by Bob Cohen. The Shul Boys followed Bob Cohen to Revere Road Synagogue in Akron, Ohio. Bob led us through the Cuyahoga Valley on scenic twisty roads. Once we arrived, we joined the congregation in a parade to commemorate Lag BaOmer which celebrates (among other things) the ending of a 2nd century plague that killed 24,000 disciples of Rabbi Akiva. The congregation asked the Shul Boys to lead (by following a big fire truck), and we paraded throughout Fairlawn while stopping at the local hospital, fire department, and police station to pay respect to the heroic first responders working there. At each stop, the temple’s drum corp performed for the first responders while the rabbi’s wife delivered baked goods and presents.

There were at least 20 Tuesday night rides this season! Each ride tends to be 30 to 50 miles of twisties, hills, and fast straightaways. Later in the season many members joined in a short ride to Kol Israel to commemorate the Holocaust (refer to related newsletter article).

Nineteen Shul Boys and Girls attended a 150 mile covered bridges ride led by Bruce Ente on November 8th in 70 plus degree temperatures, clear sunny skies, and virtually no wind!

Thanks to Ris Gilad! Check out his GoPro Video of the Covered Bridges Ride!

Check out Ris Gilad's Relive replay!

Tuesday night ride led by Steve Viny on November 10th is probably going to be the last one of the season, but many thought that was the case in mid-October! It was a 30 mile superb spirited ride on fun curvy local roads.

The ride captains included Bob Cohen, Ris Gilad, Joe Gross, Bruce Ente, Gordon Blimbaum, Igor Narodovich, Yochanan Pocola, Steve Viny, and Jake Simon.

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