Thou Shalt Ride - Central NY Club Rides

Written by Joel Stein, Thou Shalt Ride - Central NY Club member

Here in Central NY we struggled with a rotten first half of summer. We left Florida to avoid the storms, heat and humidity, but somehow they found us anyway. After that we were able to motorvate on a regular basis and once again I rode to Mt. Moriah cemetery in Fairview NJ where my mother and grandparents are buried.

The big news is that several members have obtained adventure bikes and are riding off road. I had no idea of the multitude of unpaved roads available in western NY, northern PA, and New England. You will be hearing more on this subject from Ken Bell.

We escorted Dave Feldman to pick up his new-to-him KTM adventure bike in PA

We rode to Old Forge on Columbus Day. So did 95 million other people.

Pre-Chanukah celebration in Skaneateles

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